19.06.2011 Long time nothing new but today there are the Klingon Phase2 D-7 and the Klingon TMP C-8 Dreadnought for A2, uploaded to the A2 Klingons section of the Shipyard.

28.02.2010 Due to the disrespect in the A2 community against lowpoly, low detail modellers  and those that don't like the ST 2009 sh**, i have decided to no longer post my A2 works on the community sites. for this fact i have opened a new section in the A2 shipyard for the new A2 planets i have made the last months and first post there is the Class-E Planet.
25.01.2009 a new section in the E&F2 is open now for some time, its the Hydran race infopage and i added some new E&F2 screenshots under the E&F2 screenshots section.
22.06.2008 got bit further with the E&F2 mod, added some prev pics of new models for the Orion Pirates
24.12.2007  FASA Klingon D-2 Stingtongue destroyer for SFC2/OP is available in the SFC Klingon shipyards section


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