Terradyhnes new Nebula Tutorial

This is an Tutorial which explains how to make new nebulas for ST Armada 2.


What you need:

3D Studio Max,graphics proggie for the new sprite “textures” ,Nebula.spr-file to add the nebula sprites and a bit knowledge about the exporting to SOD


How to start:

first we need a new graphic for our new nebula, that we use as “texture” for our new nebula

open your graphic editing proggie (I use PSP 6.02) and create a 256x256 graphic, next use one greyscaled nebula pic in 128x128 pixel size, copy it into the left upper corner of your 256x256 pixels texture



next would be to use the 128x128 nebula pic, mirroring it and put it in the upper right corner of the 256x256 pic



than  choose the upper part of the 256x256 pic (that with our first two nebula pics) copy and paste it as new pic, flip the new pic and copy and paste it into our 256x256 pic

what we now have should look like this:



save it as Snewneb.tga (or what you would name it) to the A2-textures-RGB-folder


now we start with the nebula.spr-file entries:

open the nebula.spr-file, with wordpad or other texteditor and add the lines for the new nebula sprites, that are as follows:




## @tmaterial=alphathreshold

  nneb1     Snewneb    0    0   64   64

  nneb2     Snewneb    0  64   64   64  

   nneb3     Snewneb   64    0   64   64  

  nneb4     Snewneb   64  64   64   64  



now we need the real sprite node name, for that we have to placenew lines at the end of the nebula.spr-file, that are:


# newnebula

@sprite_node nneb1 nneb1 blue3.colour (200,200)  (.1,.1,.2) billboard

@sprite_node nneb2 nneb2 blue3.colour (200,300)  (.1,.1,.2) billboard

@sprite_node nneb3 nneb3 blue3.colour (300,200)  (.1,.1,.2) billboard

@sprite_node nneb4 nneb4 blue3.colour (300,300)  (.1,.1,.2) billboard



now save your changes in the nebula.spr-file and we are ready for the next step.


Now we would make the SOD in max:

open max and use the helpers option, klick on point and place a point in the top view-window, rename the point to s_nneb1 you could now place more points that have the names of the other three sprites


sprite names for points are now:






take a look at the next pic for more explanation



now we could export it to the A2 SOD

now open Storm3dViewer and open the SOD and you should have something like this:


there ya go, the SOD is done now you have to make the odfs for it and all entry that you need for it to be used ingame but that would be not explained in this tutorial.


hope that helps you to make new nebulas or similar mapobjects.


Author of tut: Terradyhne