Terradyhnes transparent parts Tutorial

This is an Tutorial which explains how to make transparent parts in ST Armada 2 ships.

What you need:

3D Studio Max and a bit knowledge about the SOD hirarchie and the exporting to SOD


How to start:

Open Max and make a sphere and apply an texture to it (i´ve used for the test the borgsphere texture) after you have done this make a second sphere with no texture like on the pic.



next step is to make the hirarchie for Armada, that i wouldn´t explain in here.

Choose helpers from the taskmenu and than make a singel point in the space between the two spheres (next two pic´s)




now rename the point to c_tm_translucent and link it with the second sphere( that without texture) look at this pic.





now we have the correct hirarchie (don´t forget the other points like hardpoint´s and lights etc.when you use this on a model that you want to use in Armada)

and we could export it to SOD


now we would take a look at the SOD (use Storm 3D viewer for this)



now you see the second sphere is transparent

Point´s that are similar to that mentioned above:







i´ve only tested c_tm_translucent and c_tm_additive, yet



Thanx goes to:

Thanx to Quevey from Warlords Modding for the advice on this and the names of that points


Copyright thing:

All used tools and releated  are Copyright by there respective owners.

StarTrek-Armada and Armada 2 are Copyright of Activision

StarTrek is TM,R and Copyright of Paramount Pictures


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